Make document sharing easy with Ace Hosting Workspace


How can I use it?

There are dozens of ways to use Ace Lynchburg Web Hosting Workspace for work, school, and home projects.


For Work

Access documents when away from your desk

  • Save documents and access them from any computer
  • Stay productive at home, an Internet café, library, airport, etc.

Share documents with others

  • Gather feedback on a document, report, or presentation
  • Share with people who can’t access your corporate network

Prepare for a meeting

  • Share the agenda, minutes, and action items
  • Post meeting handouts or presentations

For School

Organize a study group

  • Work together on assignments and share notes from class
  • Keep a shared schedule and task list for your group

Keep track of important school information

  • Manage schedules from sports to registration deadlines
  • Track your GPA and progress toward degree requirements

Coordinate with club or team members

  • Post and manage schedules (for sports, clubs, etc.)
  • Share lists of who brings what (no more e-mails back and forth)

For Home

Organize an event

  • Use for a party, camping trip, even a wedding
  • Share to-do lists, timelines, budgets, directions

Save your information and keep track of favorite things

  • Access important passwords, frequent flyer numbers, etc.
  • Create Top 10 lists of your favorite films, restaurants, books, etc.—and keep them private or share with friends and family

Prepare for a trip

  • Plan for the trip with travel budget and packing list templates
  • Share your itinerary, contact info, and important documents with colleagues or family