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  • Web Page Design
    The process in which information from your company, such as brochures, sales information, meetings, and other marketing material is gathered and categorized into a logical web site layout. Web programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, CGI, Pearl, Active Server Pages, ActiveX, etc., are used to develop the desired look and feel of each web page. Interactive product order forms, Credit Card transaction forms, Shopping Carts, E-mail, and others are also coded in at this time.

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  • Web Page Hosting
    Once your web site has been developed it needs to be published on a host server. A host server is a computer that is continuously connected to the Internet’s backbone and provides space to publish your web pages on the Internet. This allows World Wide Web users to access your web site any time or day. Web Services
  • Web Site Maintenance/Updates
    The process that keeps the web site from becoming stale, boring, and outdated. Sections of a web site generally need to be changed/modified on a regular base. Things that would need to change could be special discount offers and promotions, addition of new products and the removal of old products, business addresses or phone numbers could change. There are many other necessary reasons that will constitute reason for updates and regular web page maintenance.
  • E-Commerce/Shopping Carts
    roviding users with the most feature rich e-commerce software on the Internet today. Together with its affordable price and the 24 hour unsurpassed support of, thousands of users are successful at selling goods and services over the Internet in today’s new global economy.
  • Community ServiceWe feel that it is important for all local businesses to give back to the community whenever possible to support social programs, education, the arts and other worthwhile activities. If you have a community service organization in need of a website, please contact us so that we can discuss the project and whether or not we can be of assistance.